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Monthly maintenance of stamping manipulator

2020-08-14 H:05:18

Monthly maintenance of stamping manipulator. Monthly maintenance refers to the additional maintenance items that need to be carried out after the stamping manipulator is used for one month on the basis of daily and weekly maintenance.

Check the balance cylinder. Check whether the lubrication and operation of the balance cylinder are normal.

The stamping manipulator provides single machine multi station pressing manipulator, holding tool pressing manipulator, multi station pressing manipulator, etc., which is convenient for maintenance and management, and saves a lot of manpower and material resources. So, how to maintain the stamping manipulator?

1. Daily inspection is indispensable. The stamping manipulator can be put into use after installation and debugging. Before daily work, the wiring and operation status should be checked. The light beam can be blocked by objects of normal size like fingers to check whether the stamping manipulator works. If there is no problem, it can be put into use again!

2. Do not disassemble at will. Do not dismantle the robot after it is put into use. If necessary, contact professional technicians to avoid damage to the stamping manipulator caused by the disassembly or disassembly process!

3. Regular cleaning, stamping manipulator has been working day and night, dust and oil stains, it is necessary to regularly wipe the surface of the stamping manipulator to avoid affecting the normal emission and reception of the beam.

4. Stamping manipulator is not suitable for operation in dusty and oil environment.

5. When the stamping manipulator is out of order, please contact our manufacturer for a while. Do not disassemble the stamping manipulator by yourself.

As the old saying goes, details determine success or failure. In the daily use of stamping manipulator, although it is not so serious, the more attention is paid to the maintenance of details, the longer the service life of the stamping manipulator. The stamping manipulator belongs to precision parts, so it is required to have a quite cautious attitude in use. Even if the high-performance stamping manipulator is used, if it is not used properly, it can not be achieved To the expected performance effect, and easy to damage the stamping manipulator. Therefore, we should take good care of our punch manipulator.



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