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Maintenance of stamping manipulator

2020-08-06 H:25:19

Although the stamping manipulator is a machine, we also need to take good care of it. The maintenance of stamping manipulator includes preventive maintenance and post maintenance. Preventive maintenance mainly aims at the faults caused by common problems such as piping operation, and carries out targeted maintenance measures; After the event maintenance is mainly aimed at the failure caused by non conformity, targeted maintenance measures are taken. Of course, in addition to these two points, regular maintenance of stamping manipulator should be done daily, weekly and monthly.

Daily maintenance of stamping manipulator.

1. Inspection of stamping manipulator with air compressor or air supply pipeline. Clean and stable air source is the fundamental to ensure the stable operation of high-speed punch. When high-speed punch is used, it is equipped with independent air compressor or air supply pipeline for gas supply. Therefore, it is necessary to check the air compressor or air source pipeline before using the punch, mainly in two aspects:

① Check whether there is air leakage at each joint (including pipeline and connector).

② Check whether the drainage of oil tank and air tank is normal.

2. Check the pressure regulator of air compressor. Confirm whether the pressure pointer of the pressure gauge is within the standard rated range.

3. Filter check. Before the loading and unloading manipulator is started, drain the filter.

4. Air cylinder inspection. The air cylinder should be drained before starting the machine.

5. Inspection of pneumatic clutch brake of handling machine. Manually check whether the solenoid valve of clutch brake exhausts normally.

Weekly maintenance of stamping manipulator. Weekly maintenance refers to the additional maintenance items that need to be carried out after the stamping manipulator is used for one week on the basis of daily maintenance.

1. The air filter is clean. Open the filter and clean the filter screen.




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