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What are the basic structure of automatic stamping manipulator?

2020-08-14 H:05:39

Automatic stamping manipulator is a kind of multi joint manipulator or multi degree of freedom robot for industrial field. Its emergence is to liberate the labor force and improve the production efficiency of enterprises. The basic structure of industrial robot is the basis of robot function. Take a look at the structure of industrial robot.

The mechanical part is the flesh and blood part of the robot, which is also known as the robot body part. This part can be divided into two systems

1. Driving system: in order to make the robot run, each joint needs to be equipped with sensing device and transmission specialist, which is the drive system. The function of the robot is to provide the motive force for the movement of all parts and joints of the robot. The transmission part of the drive system can be hydraulic transmission system, electric transmission system, pneumatic transmission system, or a combination of several systems.

2. The mechanical structure of industrial robot is mainly composed of four parts: fuselage, arm, wrist and hand. Each part has a number of degrees of freedom, forming a multi freedom mechanical system. The end effector is an important part directly installed on the wrist. It can be multi finger claw, spray gun or welding tool.

Feeling part; feeling part is just like the five senses of human beings, providing feeling for robot work and helping robot work process more accurately. This part can be divided into two systems

1. Sensory system is composed of internal sensor module and external sensor module, which is used to obtain meaningful information in internal and external environment. Intelligent sensors can improve the mobility, adaptability and intelligence level of robots. For some special information, the sensitivity of the sensor can even surpass the human sensory system.

2. Robot environment interaction system; robot environment interaction system is a system to realize the interaction and coordination between industrial robot and equipment in external environment. Industrial robot and external equipment are integrated into a functional unit, such as manufacturing unit, welding unit, assembly unit, etc. It can also be multiple robots, multiple machine tools or multiple parts storage devices integrated into a functional unit that can perform complex tasks.

The control part is equivalent to the brain part of the robot, which can be directly or manually controlled. The control part can also be divided into two systems

1. The human-computer interaction system is a device that enables the operator to participate in the robot control and contact with the robot, such as the computer standard terminal, command console, information display board, danger signal alarm, teaching box, etc. In short, the system can be divided into two parts: instruction given system and information display device.

2. Control system: the control system is mainly based on the robot's work instruction program and the signal feedback from the sensor to control the actuator to complete the prescribed movement and function. According to the control principle, the control system can be divided into program control system, adaptive control system and artificial intelligence control system. According to the motion form, the control system can be divided into control system and trajectory control system.




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